Savings Tracking and Management

Your little bot for Savings Tracking and Management.

Capturing over three types of savings; Target, Projected and Realized, at a monthly frequency in an automated fashion helps you manage savings, not just track.

The tools within Savings Tracking and Management.

Built to eliminate manual tracking and to save massive amount of time of Sourcing professionals.

Track three types of savings at a monthly frequency; Target, Projected and Realized Savings.

Out-of-the-box reporting on three types of savings, cumulative and non-cumulative.

First of its kind Automated Savings Tracking at line level detail, with no integration.

Collaboration creates global visibility into Savings Projections by categories.

Manage and Track Savings, Automated!

In-built automation and hybrid approach helps manage and track savings without the sourcing managers having to spend valuable time.

Easy to use

Savings capture with automation and hybrid features allows for easy and timely capture of savings at monthly frequency.

In-built reporting

Savings reports against target, projection and realization are automatically added to the out-of-the-box analytics reports with stand-alone and comparison models.


Bringing the stakeholders, finance and procurement team into a single platform delivers significant cross-departmental synergy and global visibility.

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