Procurement Project Management

A hint to begin with :- Procurement project management is determined on deciding the budget allocated and the time of delivery of the ordered goods for production of deliverables. It comes under the ‘implementation plan’ of “Procurement Management.” This plan is necessary for those projects that deal with the expertise of substantial buy-in or capital goods. If there does not exist the procurement expenditure, inclusion of the vendor and the procurement item list will be sufficient.

What is Procurement Project management about ?

The procurement project management is about maintaining the relationship between the external suppliers of goods and the purchasers’ department. This isn’t an easy thing. The process involves the ordering, receiving, reviewing and approval of all the procurement items. The suppliers are third party suppliers and they work on contractual basis. The timely delivery of the supplied goods is a challenge that a firm is faced with during the process.

How it all works?

The purchasing department sets the requirements with specifications and the supplies are approved by the project manager. The purchasing department communicates with the project manager and prepares a list of items that are necessary for the implementation of the project. These procurement items are then approved and external vendors start their work. The suppliers selected cannot be any. They should be qualified and skilled in meeting the demands of the customers. The company here has to take a crucial decision regarding the potential of the suppliers who can provide the specific and necessary items.

A number of communicative sessions are held between the suppliers and the purchasing department to ensure the goods is supplied on time and within the budget. The contract that is signed by the external suppliers has all the conditions mentioned in it. The Procurement project management considers it a success when the purchasing department is able to control the payment and the delivery process. On another side, the tracking of goods on its way to delivery and the review of ordered goods against the approved specifications are done. The Procurement project management, also known as Project procurement process comes to an end when everything is carried out successfully.

The sections where attention is drawn more:

The steps taken during the process are assessed and performance check is done. This ensures proper working on both sides.

Besides, every step is checked in case of intermediate results and further improvements are made accordingly. The process will be on its half way if there is neglect of responsibilities even from one side. To make it a success both the departments have to give their best and only this will bring the satisfaction to both ends. Any negligence can prove a big hindrance in achieving the success. The cooperation of both departments towards each other and regular communication between them build strong roots of achievements of any firm.

Why is management necessary?

The Procurement Project management is a convenient process for attaining goals of a company. The controlling of the steps is management. If anything gets disturbed in the middle of the process, it brings everything to halt. Then rejuvenation becomes necessary that comes only from the Procurement project management.

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